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Project Description

Dante Lab is an online application that allows students and scholars of the Divine Comedy to read and compare up to four text editions from the site’s database simultaneously. The objective of Dante Lab is to create a virtual workspace that accounts for the needs of both students and novices to the poem, as well as serious scholars engaged in contemporary Dante Studies. The Dante Lab reader was inspired by the ‘analogue’ workspace of the professional Dantista, who needs quick and easy access not only to the text of the poem’s three canticles, but also to the early commentaries, notes from numerous recent editions, and a concordance that facilitates philological research and interpretive criticism.

Project Principal Investigators: Daniel Rockmore, Mathematics, Computer Science; Graziella Parati, Italian Language and Literature, Women’s and Gender Studies; Scott S. Millspaugh, Visiting Lecturer in French and Italian at Dartmouth College

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