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Launched in 2002 by Professors Lewis Glinert and Alex Hartov, the Dartmouth Jewish Sound Archive is one of the world’s leading on-line archives of Jewish recordings, open to students and scholars at Dartmouth and around the globe. The Archive collects, restores, and digitizes recordings of the pre-digital age, including rare and often unique recordings. It spans folksongs, synagogue music, Jewish radio programs, humor, children’s stories and anything that reflects the Jewish experience— in English, Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino, Russian, Arabic, French, and other languages. Over 50,000 tracks and their associated labels and jackets are now on-line, all tracks fully searchable in transcription by title, composer, genre, occasion and so on.

Because much of the material is protected by copyright, access is limited to registered users but regularly provided upon request to those with scholarly or professional interests. Over 3,000 users from around the world have registered, with up to 20 new requests daily from cantors and rabbis; musicians and composers; ethnomusicologists; students of Yiddish; radio announcers; schools and assisted living communities; and from scholars and students of Jewish culture located anywhere from Tel-Aviv to Taipeh.

Project Principal Investigators: Lewis Glinert, Asian and Middle Eastern Languages and Literatures, Jewish Studies; Alex Hartov, Thayer School of Engineering

With generous support from the Neukom Institute.

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