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Project Description

The Dartmouth Vietnam Project brings together members of the Dartmouth community to conduct, record, and preserve oral histories about the Vietnam War era (1950-1975). Its online archive of interviews is a joint collaboration between current Dartmouth students and older members of the Dartmouth community—alumni and community members, and faculty and staff—who have volunteered to share their stories and memories of the war and its impact on American society.

Dartmouth alumni and community members volunteer to share their stories of the Vietnam War era at Dartmouth and beyond. Each summer, a new cohort of students is trained in the art of oral history interviewing by a team of faculty, staff, and experts. As part of Dartmouth’s commitment to experiential learning, student participants then apply their skills by conducting oral history interviews with alumni and community volunteers. The Project thereby fosters new connections across generations to record a vital era of Dartmouth’s—and the nation’s—history.

Project Principal Investigators: Edward Miller, History; Jennifer M. Miller, History; Caitlin Birch, Rauner Special Collections Library; Peter Carini, Dartmouth College Library; John Cocklin, Dartmouth College Library; Ashley Kehoe, Instructional Designer; Fran Oscadal, Dartmouth College Library; Joshua Shaw, Rauner Special Collections Library; Susan Simon, Jones Media Center

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