Video: The Dartmouth Vietnam Project

Go behind the scenes of The Dartmouth Vietnam Project (DVP), a collaboration between the Dartmouth College Library and the History Department, through a new promotional video.

Since 2014, the DVP has trained students in the art and method of oral history, preparing them to conduct interviews with members of the Dartmouth community who experienced the Vietnam War era. Interviews are recorded, transcribed, and added to the oral history collection at Rauner Special Collections Library. To date, the DVP has produced 95 interviews that capture a pivotal moment in U.S. history from the perspectives of military veterans, anti-war activists, civil servants, educators, and more. For a look at the DVP so far (including some familiar Library faces, places, and collections), watch the 7-minute video.

The video is a creation of the Media Production Group and student Media Makers, with support from DCAL’s Experiential Learning Initiative.